For the purposes of this division:

(1) BLOCK MACHINE.—The term “block machine” means a piece of equipment that utilizes vibration and compaction to form concrete masonry products.

(2) BOARD.—The term “Board” means the Concrete Masonry Products Board established under section 1305.

(3) CAVITY.—The term “cavity” means the open space in the mold of a block machine capable of forming a single concrete masonry unit having nominal plan dimensions of 8 inches by 16 inches.

(4) CONCRETE MASONRY PRODUCTS.—The term “concrete masonry products” refers to a broader class of products, including concrete masonry units as well as hardscape products such as concrete pavers and segmental retaining wall units, manufactured on a block machine using dry-cast concrete.

(5) CONCRETE MASONRY UNIT.—The term “concrete masonry unit”—

(A) means a concrete masonry product that is a manmade masonry unit having an actual width of 3 inches or greater and manufactured from dry-cast concrete using a block machine; and

(B) includes concrete block and related concrete units used in masonry applications.

(6) CONFLICT OF INTEREST.—The term “conflict of interest” means, with respect to a member or employee of the Board, a situation in which such member or employee has a direct or indirect financial or other interest in a person that performs a service for, or enters into a contract with, for anything of economic value.

(7) DEPARTMENT.—The term “Department” means the Department of Commerce.

(8) DRY-CAST CONCRETE.—The term “dry-cast concrete” means a composite material that is composed essentially of aggregates embedded in a binding medium composed of a mixture of cementitious materials (including hydraulic cement, pozzolans, or other cementitious materials) and water of such a consistency to maintain its shape after forming in a block machine.

(9) EDUCATION.—The term “education” means programs that will educate or communicate the benefits of concrete masonry products in safe and environmentally sustainable development, advancements in concrete masonry product technology and development, and other information and programs designed to generate increased demand for commercial, residential, multifamily, and institutional projects using concrete masonry products and to generally enhance the image of concrete masonry products.

(10) MACHINE CAVITIES.—The term “machine cavities” means the cavities with which a block machine could be equipped.

(11) MACHINE CAVITIES IN OPERATION.—The term “machine cavities in operation” means those machine cavities associated with a block machine that have produced concrete masonry units within the last 6 months of the date set for determining eligibility and is fully operable and capable of producing concrete masonry units.

(12) MANUFACTURER.—The term “manufacturer” means any person engaged in the manufacturing of commercial concrete masonry products in the United States.

(13) MASONRY UNIT.—The term “masonry unit” means a noncombustible building product intended to be laid by hand or joined using mortar, grout, surface bonding, post-tensioning or some combination of these methods.

(14) ORDER.—The term “order” means an order issued under section 1304.

(15) PERSON.—The term “person” means any individual, group of individuals, partnership, corporation, association, cooperative, or any other entity.

(16) PROMOTION.—The term “promotion” means any action, including paid advertising, to advance the image and desirability of concrete masonry products with the express intent of improving the competitive position and stimulating sales of concrete masonry products in the marketplace.

(17) RESEARCH.—The term “research” means studies testing the effectiveness of market development and promotion efforts, studies relating to the improvement of concrete masonry products and new product development, and studies documenting the performance of concrete masonry.

(18) SECRETARY.—The term “Secretary” means the Secretary of Commerce.

(19) UNITED STATES.—The term “United States” means the several States and the District of Columbia.