The Vote

THE VOTE to approve the CMU Checkoff is expected in 2021.
Every manufacturer who makes concrete block would be eligible to register to participate in a referendum.
Passage requires a majority of the manufacturers voting in favor who also represent a majority of the machine cavities in operation of those manufacturers voting. The checkoff could also be terminated by the industry later by a similar referendum if visions are not achieved.

What is the process for the industry to adopt the checkoff?

Based on industry recommendations, the Department of Commerce developed an Order that provides guidelines for running a compliant program and the process for a referendum. The industry will have an opportunity to provide public comment to the order prior to the referendum.

What is required to pass the referendum?

The Order establishing the checkoff becomes effective if approved by a majority of manufacturers voting who also represent a majority of the machine cavities in operation of those manufacturers voting in the referendum. Eligible voters are those that represent companies that have manufactured concrete masonry units within the 180 days prior to the start of referendum voting.

Make sure you are registered to vote!

To receive a ballot, you must send an email to: Mike Thompson This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and include the name and title of the company representative who will cast the ballot, plus phone number, email and mailing address. Prior to the start of the referendum, producers that provide their information to the Department of Commerce will be prompted to submit their Employee Identification Number (EIN) to complete the registration process.

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