The Masonry Contractors of New Jersey is offering their support to the CMU Checkoff process, joining other state and national trade associations standing with block producers determined to make our industry better.

Carol Ciesielski, Executive Director at Masonry Contractors of NJ says the group "voted unanimously to support this referendum on April 17, 2019."

Located in Bordentown, New Jersey, the organization is a not-for-profit Trade Association that was formed in 1992 by New Jersey’s leading union masonry contractors, manufacturers and suppliers to address the continuing concerns about the future of union masonry construction.

The group is dedicated to promoting the advantages and benefits of masonry design and quality union masonry construction throughout the State of New Jersey.

Get Involved

If you haven’t told us why you support the checkoff, drop us a note on our GET INVOLVED page. Tell us what you see is the future because of our checkoff. Let us share that story within our industry.