About Concrete Masonry

A number of different products fall under the broad term, “Concrete Masonry Unit,” or CMU.

The products range from standard gray concrete block to beautiful architectural units that resemble split or polished stone. Concrete masonry units are used in a wide variety of residential and commercial construction projects.

What all of these modular concrete masonry units have in common is their raw material (low moisture concrete) the manufacturing process used to produce them, and the many benefits they provide – design and construction flexibility, economy, durability.

Concrete masonry is fire proof, insect proof, rot proof and more. Assembled into wall systems in the field by skilled masons, concrete masonry is reinforced so that it is capable of easily resisting extreme loads from hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods.

This custom installation offers a host of options for designers. Colors, textures, sizes and shapes can be varied. From designer to end-user, concrete masonry provide a long list of benefits that are difficult for other wall system products to match.

Because of the nature of the product and the manufacturing process, concrete masonry is made regionally.

Imports of finished concrete masonry units to the U.S, are negligible. This is an American product that creates jobs not only in the manufacturing sector of the U.S., but in the construction sector as well.

Concrete masonry manufacturing plants and/or the masons that install the units are located in literally every community in the United States. 

A strong concrete masonry industry not only provides this country with a wide variety of excellent building systems, but it strengthens or Gross National Product and strengthens the U.S. economy.

A Concrete Masonry Check-off program will support the growth of the industry by educating designers, contractors, and installers as well as regulators, students, and owners about how to best take advantage of what concrete masonry has to offer. It will provide for significant and sustained research and development for existing and evolving concrete masonry products and systems, and it will enable the industry to better promote the product's benefits. The check-off program will leverage the combined strength of the entire concrete masonry industry while supplying the necessary funding to support industry initiatives and coordinate promotion at the local, state, regional and national levels.
(C) 2018, The Concrete Masonry Check-off Program Leadership Team