A Check-off is an industry-wide, coordinated and continuous program of research, promotion, and education to support specific generic products. Check-off programs allow commodity producers to raise funds through self-imposed mandatory assessments. Check-offs are created to generate the funding necessary for an industry to successfully develop, implement, and manage programs needed to increase sales and expand markets. Well-funded, properly planned, and carefully monitored programs help create product awareness, increase business opportunities, and enhance product sales for all producers. Increased sales create jobs, expand payrolls, and increase tax bases which benefits local economies.
A Concrete Masonry Check-off program will support the growth of the industry by educating designers, contractors, and installers as well as regulators, students, and owners about how to best take advantage of what concrete masonry has to offer. It will provide for significant and sustained research and development for existing and evolving concrete masonry products and systems, and it will enable the industry to better promote the product's benefits. The check-off program will leverage the combined strength of the entire concrete masonry industry while supplying the necessary funding to support industry initiatives and coordinate promotion at the local, state, regional and national levels.
(C) 2018, The Concrete Masonry Check-off Program Leadership Team