Final Safe Harbor Language Approved!

January 13 2023

It’s been a busy start to the year with the Concrete Masonry Checkoff Board, and we’re happy to take you all along for the ride. As an update to my last email on safe harbor language as it pertains to assessments, this is now the final approved verbiage:

"1 cents per masonry unit goes to the Concrete Masonry Checkoff Board pursuant to the Concrete Masonry Products Research, Education, and Promotion Act of 2018."

Remember, it's up to each producer to decide how they'll ultimately handle the cost of the checkoff assessment. You may elect to just build the $0.01 assessment into your unit price or you can choose to indicate the required charge as a line-item fee on the invoice your customer pays. But to comply with our industry’s strict antitrust guidelines, it is imperative you do not discuss which option you're choosing with any other company.

Also, the Department of Commerce has requested and continues to wait for a final determination from the Internal Revenue Service that the assessment will not be taxable as income. Watch for updates on this effort in our future emails, and more information on assessments ahead of the April 1, 2023 start date.

In event news, two of our Board members, Kendall Anderegg and Erik Absalon, will be attending World of Concrete next week. Watch for them during their interview on the jumbotron! If you have questions on the checkoff, or the upcoming assessment, please let them know. As always, you can visit for more information.

Our committees continue to work hard at defining their roles and responsibilities as we begin putting operational processes into place. Stay tuned to our weekly emails for developments in building a stronger future for block.

As always, please reach out with any questions or thoughts.

-Major Ogilvie, Chair
Concrete Masonry Checkoff Board (CMCB)

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