CMU Checkoff Check-in: August 4, 2022

As continue to develop a timeline and budget for launch for the CMU Checkoff, we are examining how best to staff the organization. Staffing projections can be complicated by the range of programs and approaches that will be available to the Board for consideration. It’s likely that many staff functions will initially be contracted, until the range and scope of invested programs become better defined. That said, at least one staff position will be essential.

Of critical importance to the start of investing in regional and national programs will be the hiring of a program director. While the development of the Program Director position description is still underway and will require Board approval, our current concept for the position includes:

  1. Serving as the point of origination for national program applications.
  2. Providing input, analysis and evaluation to RAC members and Board members on the viability and probable ROI of regional and national programs submitted for consideration.
  3. Serving as a resource to persons or groups wanting to submit program applications to RACs
  4. Defining program practices among applicants.
  5. Serving as a point of coordination between the checkoff and other organizations for the coordination of code, research and education activities.

We hope to have the position description for the program director approved at the first Board meeting and the role filled before year end. The selected candidate will need to be both imaginative and detail focused and possess good communication skills. When the position description is approved by the Board, I hope that you will consider forwarding it to anyone that you think would be a good fit for the mission.

I will keep you advised as the launch timeline develops. As always, please reach out with any questions, ideas or thoughts you may have as we continue to move forward.

Best regards,

Ray McVeigh
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The CMU Checkoff Initiative was created by producers frustrated with continual loss of market share. That frustration was compounded when program ideas surfaced that could drive demand, but there was no way to fund multi-year, well-funded programs that would change outdated perceptions of CMU.

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