Concrete Masonry Check-off: Investing in Ourselves.


Concrete masonry units (often referred to as concrete block) are fire proof, rot proof, insect proof, and strong. They are produced locally and regionally – often by small and medium sized businesses.

Concrete masonry offers design and construction flexibility and economy. Installed in the field by skilled masons, concrete masonry units range from utilitarian grey block to beautiful architectural units that resemble split or polished stone.

Concrete masonry units are the building blocks of a flexible economical, safe, environmentally friendly American construction system.

The nature of concrete masonry units mean that they are manufactured regionally and locally. Unlike other many other building systems, imports of concrete masonry units are virtually non-existent. The manufacture and installation of concrete masonry contributes to the U.S. Gross Domestic Product.

With some 600 manufacturing plants across the U.S, there are facilities and/or installers (masons) in every community.

The industry wants to help itself and the American economy by raising money through a Check-Off Program.

A Concrete Masonry Check-Off Program will mean more jobs in virtually every community and will benefit the nation and the economy by helping ensure that this efficient, safe, economical American building system is readily available throughout our nation. A concrete masonry check-off program is a win, win, win – for the industry, for the U.S, Economy, and for the American consumer.