Find A Way

Imagine the possibilities if we can bring the resilience of concrete masonry to the world.

Resilient Communities

Concrete masonry can reduce the devastation of disasters and help communities, businesses and people recover more quickly.

Empowered & Efficient Design

Imagine the possibilities with a checkoff funding training and education and developing new tools and resources.


A checkoff will fund research of new technologies that will benefit all of concrete masonry.

The benefits of concrete masonry construction are unparalleled.

But in a world where not just technology can shift seemingly overnight, the same is true for consumer perceptions and attitudes. And in turn, market share can and has declined for our products.

This ever-changing landscape creates the need for ongoing research and promotion of concrete masonry that no one company has the time or resources to invest in. That's where an industry-funded checkoff comes in.

Become a champion.

Lend your support and influence as we work towards our goal.