Concrete Masonry Check-off: Investing in Ourselves.
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Technical Topics

In recent years, more nonmilitary buildings, particularly federal buildings and correctional buildings, are considering protection from terrorist type attacks as part of building security.

No one wants to be involved in a scenario like this—a building passes fire inspection, yet fire strikes and almost within minutes reduces the structure to charred rubble. People are dead. Others are left homeless.

High winds subject buildings to large horizontal forces as well as to significant uplift. The critical damage to buildings in such events typically occurs due to uplift on the roof.

Passive solar design involves utilizing a building’s basic elements—walls, windows and floors—to produce a comfortable environment with less reliance on mechanical heating and cooling.

Concrete masonry homes reflect the beauty and durability of concrete masonry materials. Masonry housing provides a high standard of structural strength, design versatility, energy efficiency, termite resistance, economy and aesthetic appeal.