Concrete Masonry Check-off: Investing in Ourselves.

Wind & Storm Resistance

Hurricanes and tornado activity cause millions of dollars in property damage and result in significant loss of life in the U.S. each year.

Property damage results when structures are exposed to intense rain, flooding, and winds caused by these events. Loss of life occurs when structures collapse onto individuals or allow flying debris to penetrate wall systems becoming a threat to people inside.

Concrete masonry, especially reinforced concrete masonry, has a history of performing well in areas that experience severe weather.

Concrete masonry’s mass gives it a better ability to withstand rain and the impact of flying debris. And when reinforced, it withstands high force winds through increased flexural (bending) and tensile (uplift) capacity of exterior walls.

The concrete masonry industry sponsors ongoing programs and works closely with code officials, engineers, and architects to ensure that they are producing products that meet and exceed industry standards.