Concrete Masonry Check-off: Investing in Ourselves.

Durability & Sustainability

One of the most obvious characteristics of concrete masonry is its durability and long life expectancy, with minimal care, upkeep and maintenance.

When you consider the energy efficiency that insulated concrete masonry can provide to buildings, the ability to incorporate recycled materials into the production of concrete masonry units, the use of local materials in local manufacturing facilities to support local construction, and the resulting low embodied energy of masonry structures, you realize it doesn't take special efforts to make concrete masonry environmentally friendly.

Sustainability is about building the quality of life for now and future generations. This concept includes improving occupant well-being, mitigating environmental impacts, and providing reasonable economic returns on investment.

Using green building practices can result in energy and cost savings over the life of the structure. Occupants of green buildings enjoy improved indoor air quality and day-lit spaces, improved health, comfort and productivity. In the past decade there has been rapid growth in environmental consciousness and the green building movement.