Concrete Masonry Check-off: Investing in Ourselves.
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One of the most significant architectural benefits of designing with concrete masonry is its versatility.

Concrete masonry's thermal performance depends on its steady-state thermal characteristics (described by R-value or U-factor) as well as the thermal mass (heat capacity) characteristics of the assembly.

One of the most obvious characteristics of concrete masonry is its durability and long life expectancy, with minimal care, upkeep and maintenance.

Concrete block simply does not burn. Masonry walls have been used for centuries to limit the chances of devastating building fires and to contain fires from spreading.

Earthquakes are dramatic events. They often occur unexpectedly with little warning. Even though short lived, earthquakes can be extremely devastating in terms of loss of life and property.

Hurricanes and tornado activity cause millions of dollars in property damage and result in significant loss of life in the U.S. each year.