Concrete Masonry Check-off: Investing in Ourselves.

Challenges & Opportunities

A Concrete Masonry Check-off program is needed to enable the industry to regain market share. Traditionally, members of the industry have looked at competition as the block producer down the street or in the next town.

Sustained, long-term promotion efforts are needed to ensure viability and market relevance of industry products. The market demands for concrete masonry markets are continuing to evolve. Industry investment is needed to ensure that concrete masonry evolves to keep pace. The industry needs to ensure that developing regulations and specifications are appropriate and are able to take advantage of concrete masonry’s attributes. The industry is facing many trends that are creating challenges and opportunities: environmental and sustainable demands and requirements are accelerating; life-cycle cost, life-cycle inventories, and life-cycle assessment characteristics of building materials are being scrutinized; seismic design requirements are changing; building energy efficiencies are being demanded; and recycled materials are being evaluated.