Concrete Masonry Check-off: Investing in Ourselves.


There are three primary elements to the Concrete Masonry Check-off program's mission: research, education and promotion. The program will not conduct lobbying or other direct advocacy efforts which is the responsibility of the industry trade associations.

Research Mission:

The CMU Check-off program will conduct research that documents the performance of concrete masonry and helps achieve objectives such as:

  • Demonstration of life-cycle benefits of durable construction.
  • Development of tenure-track engineering faculty through sponsored masonry research to ensure decades of associated student education and industry support.
  • Documentation of the contributions of thermal mass to energy efficiencies of buildings and investigate alternative methods to increase insulation in wall cross-sections.
  • Investigation into the performance of alternative masonry materials: impact on masonry performance, lightweight grout, high-strength materials.
  • Development of baseline metrics on user awareness, market penetration, sales as well as member return on investment on the check-off program.
  • Development of market intelligence: market share/penetration, products produced, baseline metrics, growth opportunities, etc.
  • Innovations in manufacturing technology: evaluation of alternative/recycled materials, renewable energy sources, and sustainable manufacturing processes.

Education Mission:

The CMU Check-off program will use education as a means to increase the use of concrete masonry for structural and veneer applications in commercial, residential, multi-family, and institutional markets. Possible programs may include:

  • Development of codes, standards, design guidelines and specifications that emphasize concrete masonry's benefits.
  • Education on the role of concrete masonry in the development of sustainable masonry communities to community developers and planners.
  • Creation of programs that target design professionals to increase specification and design with concrete masonry to achieve energy efficient and compliant structures.
  • Training and development of a stable masonry contractor workforce for contractors and installers.
  • Education of national accounts, community developers and planners on concrete masonry's value, sustainability, and cost savings.
  • Education of teachers, professors, students, researchers on ways to incorporate concrete masonry into structures.

Promotion Mission:

The CMU Check-off program will promote the values of concrete masonry construction including the product's:

  • Durability, sustainability and life-cycle advantages.
  • Ability to achieve energy-efficient structures.
  • Contributions to security for building occupants during and functional resilience following catastrophic events: fire, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, etc.
  • Versatility of design options using concrete masonry.